Guests can enjoy a view of Mount Fuji from many of our rooms. Additionally, all guest rooms have an air conditioner with air purifying function, minus ion generating wallpaper, flat screen TV, and Internet access.
Please spend a relaxing time while enjoying the view of Mount Fuji and clean and refreshing air.
Room type Number of rooms Area Price Reserve
Standard Single Standard Single 92 10.0m² 1 person/6,200 yen ご予約
Deluxe Single Deluxe Single 6 12.5m² 1 person/6,700 yen ご予約
Standard Twin Standard Twin 11 15.0m² 1 person/7,200 yen
2 person/10,800 yen
Deluxe Twin Deluxe Twin 5 24.0m² 1 person/7,800 yen
2 person/15,500 yen
3 person/21,600 yen
Japanese Room Japanese Room 4 8畳 1 person/7,200 yen
2 person/12,400 yen
3 person/15,500 yen
4 person/18,600 yen

At our hotel, we provide air conditioners with air purifying functions in all our guest rooms and have changed the wallpapers to minus ion generating wallpaper. Please relax in an environment with clean and refreshing air. We also provide a flat screen TV and Internet access in all our guest rooms.

Non-Smoking Rooms

We provide non-smoking floors (total of 66 rooms).
Please let us know your preference when making your reservation.

Using Internet in the guest room

Internet is available in all our guest rooms.
(1) Wired Internet
We provide wired Internet connections for computers that are not Wi-Fi enabled. We loan out modems free of charge. Please contact the front desk. However, please note that the number of modems available is limited, so they may all be loaned out. We do not loan out computers, so please bring your own computer.
(2) Wi-Fi wireless LAN
The entire hotel is connected to Wi-Fi wireless LAN.
You can access the network using Wi-Fi enabled computers and tablets.
The access key is provided in the Hotel Information File in your guest room.

All rooms have washlet toilet seats.

Facilities in guest rooms

We provide the following facilities in your guest room for your comfort and convenience.

Flat screen TV Flat screen TV Pay-TV Pay-TV Satellite TV Satellite TV Refrigerator Refrigerator
Air con with air purifying function Air con with air purifying function Hair dryer Hair dryer Light stand Light stand Air purifier (Some rooms) Air purifier (Some rooms)
Phone Phone Hot water pot Hot water pot Tea Tea Teacups Teacups
Yukata Yukata Razor Razor Body soap Body soap Two-in-one shampoo Two-in-one shampoo
Toothbrush Toothbrush Bath towel Bath towel Face towel Face towel Slippers Slippers 

Check-in/Checkout times

Check-in: 3:00 p.m.
Checkout: 10:00 a.m.

*The front desk closes at 11:00 p.m. and opens again at 6:00 a.m. in the morning.